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When you make your initial enquiry I aim to respond within a couple of hours so that you know your enquiry has been received.  However, sometimes this just isn’t possible so please be patient and I will come back to you as soon as I can.  At this point I will also ask any additional questions I may have in order to provide you with an accurate quote.

When I have received your response and have all the information I need I will work out the cost based on your requirements and send you a quote confirming everything, including date and time for collection/delivery, amount of deposit required and payment options.

A couple of days later, if I haven’t heard from you, I will send you a reminder as your booking will not be secured until I have received your confirmation and deposit.  When I have received your deposit I will send you confirmation so you can rest assured that your booking has been confirmed.

About 5 days prior to collection/delivery I will contact you again to remind you that the balance of payment for your order is due.  When I have received this I will send you confirmation and also confirm collection/delivery time with you.

At the time of collection you will receive all the necessary paperwork and any documents that need to be signed in order to release the cake.  This will include an ‘Allergy Alert’ detailing any allergens that might be in your product (eggs, gluten, etc).  If you are not collecting or accepting delivery in person then whoever is responsible for this will need to sign in your place.

Finally, when your event is over I will contact you once more to find out how things went.  I always appreciate feedback, particularly when it is good, but if something wasn’t quite right then I want to know that too as I take great pride in the quality and service that I offer and  take negative feedback very seriously.

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