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June 27, 2018


I'm really excited to announce that I have just added three new flavours to my range of eggless cakes and cupcakes.  These are rose & cardamom, rose & pistachio and gulab jamun.  You can see these in the picture on the left alongside the plain vanilla cupcake, which is always a firm favourite.


I'm getting more and more requests for eggless cakes these days so as I am always on a quest to find unusual designs and flavour combinations, I thought I would give these a go.


I have to admit that I can't take the credit for these beauties because my lovely friend Heena let me use her recipe for rose & cardamom cupcakes.  I met Heena at my local branch of The British Sugarcraft Guild and a couple of months ago she brought along some cupcakes for us to eat during tea break.  From the first bite I was truly in love with these and knew that I had to make them myself.  The cake is beautifully moist and the flavours mix together so well that it's like a symphony in your mouth.  I am also fortunate in that Heena lives fairly near to me so when a bride asked me if she could have eggless rose and pistachio for her wedding cake I knew it wouldn't be a problem.  I had a quick chat with Heena to ask if she wouldn't mind sharing her recipe, tweaked it a bit and rose & pistachio was born. 


Whilst talking to Heena she also suggested that I make some gulab jamun cupcakes.  Now I love an Indian meal and gulab jamun is one of my favourite desserts so I had no hesitation in taking on this challenge.  Lovely moist vanilla sponge with pieces of gulab jamun baked inside and finished off with vanilla buttercream and half a jamun on the top.  Sweet!


All these new flavours have gone down a storm with the lucky few who got to try them and they have also had the thumbs up from Heena so I am confident that they will be a stonking success.






Rose & Cardamom











Rose & Pistachio








Gulab Jamun






If you would like to try these or any other flavour in my eggless cake range why not contact me for a free, no obligation quotation.  As a reminder, the other eggless cake flavours currently available are vanilla, chocolate, fruit cake, lemon, coconut, carrot and coffee & walnut.


I would love to hear what your favourite flavour is.  Join the conversation and leave me a comment below.


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