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How To Choose The Right Sized Cake

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Are you wanting to order or make a cake for a special event on your calendar?

I guess you’ll be wanting to make sure that you don’t make a cake that's too small or too big. It’s better to have more than enough, rather than not enough, but to get as close as possible to the right size is ideal.

For a 1 year old's party cakes are normally cut into very small pieces. For an adult male on the other hand, particularly if people are drinking alcohol, slices are usually larger but a lot of people decline a piece of cake. I find that at certain parties the amount of cake you require will be a little different each time Therefore, when it’s time for the cake, smaller portions are often handed out as everybody’s tummy is usually full from all of the other tasty treats.

Bearing this in mind, a standard 8″ round cake will feed about 15 people with a portion size of approximately 2"x1". Also, a cake purchased from a local cake maker will often stand taller than a shop bought cake or one you make yourself as most recipes allow for about a 2 inch high cake. So because there is more cake upwards, this means that less cake sideways needs to be served.

Choosing the right sized cake for your special event in is an important part of planning. Get a free quote by filling in the contact form here, email me at or private message the Facebook page to ask any questions you may have.

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