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All that Glitters is not Gold...

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

...but silver will do quite nicely!

It's been a really exciting time at Julia's Cake & Eat it! Not usually being one to enter many big competitions in the past, I decided this year all that was going to change and this month I entered Cake International at the London Excel Centre. This was my first time entering this prestigious competition and to say I was nervous about it was quite an understatement.

Cake International is just about THE BIGGEST cake decoration show in the country. Usually held twice a year, traders and exhibitors from all over the world come to take part. I usually go along to gawp at all the competition pieces and marvel at the originality and sheer ingenuity of the competitors, not to mention usually spending a shed load of money on new tools and equipment that I simply can't manage to make cakes without 😉😉 The competition is stiff, with lots of celebrity cakers taking part (have you seen the latest series of Extreme Cake Makers on Channel 4? Yes, them!) and the judging is very strict.

Imagine my surprise and sheer delight when I found out that I had received a silver award for my entry! I could hardly believe what I was seeing! Little old me alongside all those big names that I admire and respect so much and I GOT SILVER on my very first time of entering. What a result!!

And if you haven't yet seen my entry, here it is:

So if you are looking for an award worthy celebration cake, why not contact me to discuss your requirements? You can do this in several ways:

Go to the contact page on the website and send a message or call me

email or

private message the Facebook page.

Sharing the cake love!


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