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I did something really stupid!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Have you ever done something so daft that you wonder how you ever managed to do it? That was me the other day 😱

I had gone to the supermarket to do a big shop and all went well until I left the check out. I was at one of those supermarkets where you have to pack your own shopping after you've paid and left the till.

Aside from the fact that I had just spent a shed load of money, things were going well and I got to the packing counter and started bagging up. You know the sort of thing - heavy stuff on the bottom, light stuff on the top, cold stuff in the cool bag.

The shop was really busy and I was feeling rather smug that I had managed to get through it all but that's when trouble hit. The thing is, I had so much shopping that there wasn't room for it all on the packing shelf because I had to leave some space for other people and I couldn't put the bags straight into the trolley as I was still emptying it of my shopping so I had no alternative but to put the full bags down on the floor under the packing shelf. I finished packing my bags and then loaded the trolley and left the store to drive home.

When I got home hubby unpacked the shopping for me while I went off and did something else and it wasn't until I came to cook the dinner that evening that I discovered my masterstroke of stupidity! I had left half the shopping behind!!! Honestly, how could I not have noticed that I had left a full bag of shopping, bought and paid for, at the packing shelf?? It was my cool bag too with all the items for the fridge and freezer - expensive stuff like meat, fish and cheese! My heart sank. For sure, I thought, it was gone forever.

I drove back to the store feeling annoyed and more than a little embarrassed, fully expecting to have to buy the lot again but to my surprise, the security guard told me he had found it and handed it to the store manager who, in turn, had made a note of it all and put it all back on the shelves. What a relief! They both had a good laugh at my expense but they were really kind and the manager even went and did the shop again for me, brought it all to the check out and made sure I had everything. So I got my shopping back - yay!!

While I was waiting at the check out I noticed that they had collection tins for The Teenage Cancer Trust. So, to show my gratitude, and also because I didn't get anyone respond to my last blog and nominate a charity for the random act of kindness donation (what a disappointment! 😥), I have given the money to this very worthwhile cause.

As I was leaving the store another person came in to ask about a shopping bag they had left behind. It didn't contain as much as mine but it made me feel a whole lot better to think I'm not the only person in the world to do something so daft!

Here's hoping my next trip to the supermarket will run more smoothly.

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