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This is a real game changer!

If, like me, you've gained a few pounds during lockdown, either through emotional eating or just plain eating out of boredom, then now that the country is getting back to work you might be thinking about shedding that extra weight. I know I am.

This week I went back to my first Slimming World meeting since lockdown in March and although there were safety procedures and social distancing measures in place, it did feel as though life was starting to return to some sort of normality.

Ushma, my lovely Slimming World consultant, has been running group sessions on Zoom all the way through lockdown but it wasn't quite the same as attending group and having a good old natter face to face, despite the mask! Thank goodness she's been around though as otherwise I might have done a lot more damage and it's thanks to her support over the past few months that I've only gained 4lbs over my pre-lockdown weight.

So I'm now back on plan and trying to ditch my cake and biscuit habit (and the extra lbs!). I've done a lot of baking over the last 5 months, using up ingredients that would have gone out of date, trying new recipes and developing some of my own. Oh, and the bread, I've been eating far too much bread, especially my yummy mango and macadamia nut bread so I decided to try something new and have a go at making some cloud bread.

I had heard of cloud bread before but had never made it and hadn't really given it much thought so I did a google search and realised that I could easily adapt the recipe to make it waistline-Friendly. I also had all the ingredients in the fridge so without further ado I donned my pinny, switched on the oven and got to work.

OMG!! I wish I knew who invented cloud bread as I would give them some serious credit. With a simple tweak it has produced an acceptable alternative to normal bread and the best bit is that my version of cloud bread is syn free on the Slimming World healthy eating plan so it's a win, win for me! It's low carb, light and fluffy and wheat and gluten free too although, like most things, should be eaten in moderation so as not to adversely affect weight loss.

And it's win, win for you too as I'm sharing my recipe with you. So if you've taken up baking during lockdown and fancy giving it a go, just click on the link below and follow the instructions to download the recipe.

Why don't you leave me a comment to let me know how you got on?

Until next time.

Sharing the cake love!


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