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...but it's only eggs and flour!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Is this your reaction when you receive a quote for a high end custom made cake? If so, then you are not alone, judging by the number of posts I see on social media from other cake designers bemoaning the fact that their clients always want a top end product at supermarket prices. So let me explain a little about why your custom cake is more expensive than the supermarket variety.

First off, supermarket cakes are usually mass produced and flash frozen weeks, sometimes months, ahead of the time that they go on sale. They are generally full of additives and preservatives and although some may say that they are hand decorated, this is usually done in the minimum amount of time with the minimum of finesse. So when you buy a supermarket cake you are buying a product that is the same as many hundreds (thousands?) of others available in stores up and down the country and which has been created to an acceptable but not very high standard.

On the other hand, when people approach a cake designer what they tend to forget is that they are buying so much more than the frozen, preservative-laden cake from the supermarket. What the cake designer does is create a beautiful and delicious piece of edible art. They provide a bespoke service and turn your cake dreams into something with that "WOW!" factor that people will not only marvel at and snap pictures of but will also be something that they can eat and enjoy.

When you order your cake from a cake designer you not only get a cake, but all of this as well, as outlined below by our friends at CakeBoss Software (

When you order a cake from the supermarket you don't get the bespoke service that your cake designer will offer. They don't respond to your emails, Facebook messages and phone calls at all hours of the day as you finalise the design. They don't coordinate with your venue and wedding planner and they don't create cake batter and buttercream from scratch that is free from added artificial preservatives and ingredients.

THAT is the difference between a wedding cake, or a custom cake, and a simple store bought celebration cake, and this is reflected in the price and the quality.

I hope this has helped you to understand that when ordering a custom cake, what you are paying for is not just "eggs and flour" but everything else that is involved in producing your dream cake.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote or have any questions then please feel free to contact me here, email or private message the facebook page.

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