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Don't You Forget My Unicorn!

Updated: Jan 25

Pretty Unicorn

I read in the press recently that unicorns are going to be the next 'must have' toy this coming Christmas, including a giant plastic sit-on unicorn which travels at adult's walking pace and another that poops glitter!

I was rather surprised that unicorns have only just made the Christmas wish list as the internet seems to have been awash with all things unicorn and rainbow for months. There is scarcely a day goes by without something on a unicorn or rainbow theme cropping up in my social media news feeds, particularly unicorn themed cakes. I have even seen a free-standing unicorn cake made from layers of rainbow cake that actually poops glitter too! How cool is that for a kids party?!

Rainbow cupcakes with unicorn & rainbow toppers
Rainbow cupcakes

So far, the unicorn craze seems to have passed me by, except for these pretty rainbow cupcakes with unicorn and rainbow toppers that I made a few weeks ago. I kinda didn't want to put the buttercream on them so the full magic of the rainbow could be seen but once the buttercream was on them they looked really pretty.

It's all a far cry from the unicorns mentioned in the natural history accounts of the ancient Greeks. In the article I read it was said that anyone who touches a pure white unicorn will find a lifetime of happiness and joy, while its horn will pierce the heart of a liar. There was no mention of the effect of glittery poo!

White unicorn

To see how unicorns seem to have taken over our lives recently you would think that they are a 'new thing' but, as is often the case, they seem to just be a revival of times gone by. In fact, the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland and in Celtic mythology the unicorn was a symbol of purity and innocence, as well as masculinity and power. It was first used on the Scottish royal coat of arms by William I in the 12th century and it was also on gold coins at the time of King James III but my favourite historical reference is the unicorn song by The Irish Rovers which I used to love to sing along to as a child whenever it came on the radio. Happy times!

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Baby white unicorn

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