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Have Cake, Will Travel!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Cars on Motoway

Following on from this post about the correct storage of your decorated cake, It is equally important to know how best to travel with your cake to ensure that you and the cake arrive safely at your destination.

There are just a few simple precautions that you should take and these can make all the difference between the cake arriving as intended or not surviving the journey at all and ending up a crumbling mess.


Cakes should never be in direct sunlight, so if you can, be sure to position the cake somewhere that won’t have the sun’s rays beaming down and melting your cake in any way.

It’s best to transport your cake in the flattest area possible of your car. I usually find this is in the boot but it may also be possible to use the passenger side floor in front of the seat.

If possible, pack something soft around the box to prevent it from sliding around.

Get your granny driving shoes on. Seriously… us cakers put a lot of love and time into creating edible art, and although we make them sturdy, if you’re driving like someone possessed, chances are your cake won’t make it home.

Be aware of your steps and what your ground surface is like while walking with your cake – if you trip, you’re most likely going to end up with a face full of tears before the day you were meant to have a face full of cake 😀.

It’s always handy to have an air-conditioned car. This isn’t always possible, so if it’s super hot and humid, I like to suggest possibly having a cool box with a few cold blocks in there to keep your cake cool. If you don’t have a cool box, I’ve also seen nice big storage boxes used.

Looking at the above, you might be getting a little overwhelmed with how much information I have thrown at you for transporting a cake a short distance. Don’t be… it’s mostly common sense. And having common sense can save your cake’s life.

And it all flows in nicely for travelling long distances too!

TIP 1 – Follow all the advice above.

TIP 2 – Stop every 1-2 hours, pull over and quickly check your cake. Make sure it hasn’t moved from where you’ve decided to store it for the journey.

Please DO NOT sit and hold your cake if someone else is driving or put your cake on one of the car seats. Cakes like to be on a level surface and your lap, although nice and comfy, will not be perfectly level, and neither will a seat in the car. This could cause the cake to slip on the cake board or, if a tiered cake, the upper tiers to slip on the lower ones. In addition, if you have to stop the car suddenly you run the risk of the cake shooting off the seat and crashing onto the floor in front or you ending up with a chest full of cake!

You can download a pdf of these instructions here.

Download a pdf of my cake storage advice here.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote for your own celebration cake then please contact me here, email or private message the Facebook page.

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